Wild Swimming – Oxfordshire

I took up the rather odd hobby of swimming wild…lakes, rivers, ocean…anywhere without chlorine. The only thing making it odd is that its cold most of the time on this little island. Having grown up abroad in hot, humid climates I’m still not used to UK weather over 10yrs on. Am still new to it and definitely a fair weather swimmer, even when I wear a wetsuit (most of the time) but it is fun when I do and quite enjoyable

My first dunk in the Thames River out in Oxford…

followed after shortly by another Thames Oxford swim…this was less cold and I used different wetsuit designed for swimming as the other one was for surfing and diving (there is a difference 🙂

The wonderful Vobster Quarry out Bath way…the most stunning place I have swam yet…no pics of me (unfortunately 😉 but the place is a dream to swim

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