Meis Island – Greece

In very close proximity to Kas, Turkey is the lovely Greek island of Meis. A very colourful island with only a 100 or so families, it has both a strong (but semi-hidden) military force and quiet un-busy way about itself. A large rock sticking out of the Mediterranean, it is only a few kilometres from the shores of Turkey and is an easy 20min boat ride away which runs daily. It is the penultimate easterly of Greek islands with only small portions of the island habitable, which means most of the houses are along the front end of the island by the coast as the rest of it is incredibly steep and hard cliff faced rock. It offers wonderful photographic opportunities anyone would expect from a Greek Island.

On entering the harbour one is met with a plethora of wonderful colour which contrasts the rock face behind it with only sporadic greenery.

Meiz Island 3268_1024

Meiz Island 3271_1024

A little walkway separates some very grand and colour houses from the ocean by just a few feet in some places. The path is lined with souvenir, cafes and restaurants.  After exploring the island the view out towards the harbour is stunning and unforgettable.

There are even resident sea turtles who roam the harbour feeding, no doubt taking advantage of the food from the restaurants and the calm water the harbour provides.

Meiz Island 3319_1024

Meiz Island 3356_1024

Following on from the harbour, exploration of this little island is easy and enjoyable. Taking the white painted stairs up from the harbour you pass beautifully painted houses and a very old catholic cathedral which unfortunately has fallen into disrepair and replaced by a much smaller newer church.

Although a bit of steep climb, the view from the ruins of the ancient outlook post is stunningly worth it.

Meiz Island 3382_1024

Meiz Island 3376_1024

Meiz Island 3400_1024

Once you’ve had enough of exploring there is the wonderful blue clear water to cool off at one of the beaches. There are no sandy beaches but if you can maneuver over a bit of rock there is crystal clear cooling water waiting for you. It’s advisable to wear some reef shoes just to protect your feet a bit.

Meiz Island 3424_1024

A wonderful blue cave can also be visited by small boat. A short trip from the harbour of about 30mins along the coastline you come across a small open in the cliffs. Waiting for a low wave and with all passengers lying flat at the bottom of the boat the driver, with great skill and timing, will propel the boat through the small opening into the wonderful big open blue cave. Jumping off the boat into the dark blue clear water is wonderful exhilarating experience.



The trip can be done in a days visit from Kas, with most of the main boats traveling back to Turkey by 4pm. Overall a wonderful and highly recommended experience that you would not forget.

Meiz Island 3428_1024

Meiz Island 3442_1024

Meiz Island 3445_1024


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